International investment plans designed to help you reach your goals
With our clients always in mind, our unit-linked plans are designed to provide financial growth opportunities tailored to meet their financial objectives.
What Principal Protection means for you?

Our Principal Protection plans adapt to our clients’ profile and time horizon, allowing them to achieve greater diversification in their personal unit-linked portfolio through access to the most world renowned stock markets indexes as performance benchmarks. Our plans provide a unique opportunity for potential stock markets returns with a principal protection feature at plan maturity.

Based on the plan term you choose and the capital you contribute, your savings can weather volatile markets and will be protected through unfavorable market conditions so you can pursue your goal of financial independence.

See Disclosure

1. Policy Loans, Partial Surrenders, and Premium Reductions will void the Principal Protection benefit for all plans. Regular premiums must be received within the grace period for the principal protection benefit to apply. The Company utilizes a diversified strategy to derive its principal protection. The investment instruments utilized include, but are not limited to, Structured Notes issued by A-Rated Institutions, Covered Call Strategies, ETF Hedged Covered Calls, and Enhanced Dividend Income Managed Accounts. Structured Notes are issued by Third Party Financial Institutions Rated A or higher by Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and/or Fitch. The policyholder is facing Issuer/Counterparty and Investment Risk of these Institutions. Insolvency of the Issuer/Counterparty could lead to a partial or total loss of the capital invested by the investor. Please see plan documents for further details.

Protection Plans
Access to internationally
recognized stock market indices as performance benchmarks

Our Principal Protection plans adapt to our clients’ profile and time horizon, allowing them to achieve greater diversification in their personal unit-linked portfolio by providing access to the world’s most renowned stock market indices as performance benchmarks. Our plans provide an opportunity for potential growth based on the performance of up to 6 indices.

  • S&P 500
  • MSCI World
  • Bloomberg Global Aggregate Total Return
  • NSE NIFTY 50
  • S&P ASIA 50
  • FTSE 100
We have a solution for every life plan

Our plans provide you with a unique range of benefits to help you clear financial concerns and design a future that includes you, your family, and your loved ones

MaxCap Principal Protection Series
Single Lump Sum Contribution
Build and preserve your legacy
An opportunity for market growth with limited market risk
Key features
  • Up to 100% Principal Protection
  • US $10,000 minimum contribution
  • Plan maturity options of 5, 7 or 10 years
  • 3 currency options: USD($), EUR(€), GBP(£)
  • Up to 6 market indexes can be selected for diversification
Prime 10 Principal Protection
Regular savings
Security and Innovation
With a plan term of 10 years and a principal Protection of 115% at maturity, Prime 10 Principal Protection is ideal for medium term goals such as funding education or early retirement.
Key features
  • Regular contribution plan
  • 115% principal Protection
  • Fixed 10-year term
Prime Principal Protection Series
Regular savings
Safety and simplicity
A long term regular contribution plan with access to an array of performance benchmarks and a minimum guaranteed benefit at plan maturity.
Key features
  • Regular contribution plan
  • 140%, 160% or 180% Principal protection payable at the end of selected term
  • Maturity plan options of 15, 20 or 25 years
  • Up to 6 market indexes can be selected for diversification