What We Do

We offer a wide variety of simple and effective unit-linked insurance solutions

With our unit-linked insurance plans, clients can plan and save for the most important financial events of their lives. Our comprehensive products provide access to the most diverse global markets as well as best-in-class custodians and asset managers in the industry.

Principal Protection

Our Principal Protection1 plans adapt to our clients’ profile and time horizon, allowing them to achieve greater diversification in their personal unit-linked portfolio through access to the most relevant performance benchmarks of renowned stock market indices indices.


Our Flexible plans have been designed to give you more freedom and control over your plan, through a series of benefits that will allow you access to make your own unit allocations and make changes to your plan according to your needs.

Why M1 Specialty

Principal Protection

International clients have participation in the market based on the performance of major indices they selected as performance benchmarks, with different levels and terms of principal protection, managing risk from potential downside, under any market condition.

Portfolio Diversification

Our unit-linked insurance plans are designed to reduce portfolio volatility over time by offering an array of performance benchmarks of major indices, ETFs, and mutual funds managed by globally renowned asset managers.

Beneficiary Designation

Benefits can be transferred to one or more designated beneficiaries, which ensures successful legacy planning.

Solutions for different stages in life

M1 Specialty offers different unit-linked insurance solutions to meet every client’s needs. Whether your goal is growing your savings to live comfortably during retirement, helping your children succeed, or just getting peace of mind about your family’s long-term financial future, we have crafted several plans that can be customized for different life stages.


We know that after a lifetime of effort, you deserve the right to enjoy what you have earned. Prepare for the ‘golden’ period of your life, with the right unit-linked insurance plan that will help you achieve your goals, no matter what your retirement style is.

College Savings

Encourage your children to choose their career with the confidence of having the financial support to follow their vocation. Our goal is to provide you with financial tools for establishing a unit-linked insurance plan to secure your children’s education for the future.

Legacy Planning

Start planning the transfer of wealth and personal values from one generation to the next. We will help you develop strategies to ensure your assets reach your desired beneficiaries, building your legacy gift to your family and loved ones

1 The Trust purchases a unit-linked group life insurance policy issued by M1 Specialty Assurance Ltd.